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About Seal Wire Company

Paul Seal founded Seal Wire Company in 1956 after heading south from Pennsylvania. He began his business with just one drawing machine and a handful of employees. His sole product was bare copper wire in those days but eventually expanded into providing galvanized steel guy wire and aluminum tie wire.

The company is now owned by his daughter Susan Haskell and continues to be family operated. Susan’s daughter Robin Fliehr and son-in-law David Fliehr oversee the daily operations of the company today. Our mission is to uphold the respect and reputations founded by Paul Seal and supply a quality of product that will stand above the rest. We focus on outstanding customer service and a dedication to excellence.

As the industry changes we plan on changing. We have expanded into the market of fabrication and custom stranding for various companies and intend on growing and thriving for many years to come. Our goal is to take Paul Seal’s vision and bring it into the 21st century without stripping away his solid reputation of a genuine respectful customer service oriented business. We are striving to improve and build on every opportunity in order to produce the best product available to current and future customers again and again.